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A Magical Food “konjac”

2022-10-20 Page view : 116 views

Many people may be unfamiliar with “konjac”, but when it comes to jelly inside the konjac ingredients, we may be more than a little familiar. Konjac is a food similar to taro, containing 35% starch, 3% protein, a variety of minerals and vitamins, no cholesterol, it is characterized by low calorie, low fat, high fiber, per 100 grams of konjac flour contains more than 70 grams of fiber, the content is much higher than other foods (such as oatmeal with skin contains 16.4g/100g of fiber, corn 6.1g/100g, sweet potato 1.1g / 100g). 100g). Nutritionists recommend that adults have a daily intake of dietary fiber of 25g-30g, if you eat konjac, only 50g is enough.

Konjac food is not only delicious, pleasant taste, and weight loss and fitness, disease and anti-cancer effects, so in recent years, the world has become popular, and is known as “magic food”, “magic food”, “health food” and so on.

Konjac glucomannan can effectively inhibit the absorption of cholesterol, bile acids and other fat-decomposing substances in the small intestine, promote fat excretion from the body, lowering cholesterol.

Konjac also contains soluble dietary fiber, this fiber is very effective in inhibiting postprandial blood glucose rise, and thus konjac powder and its products are ideal for diabetics to lower sugar food. Application can reduce the pancreatic islet burden.