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How To Lose Fat At Home Through Diet

2022-12-08 Page view : 91 views

How to lose fat at home through diet?

Scientific fat loss golden formula
When it comes to weight loss, many people will go into a misunderstanding: that is, dieting, do not eat dinner, do not eat the main food, anyway, hungry on the right. First of all, according to the survey, relying on dieting to lose weight, most people will eventually rebound, and even some will be heavier than the original.
Secondly, only by willpower to lose weight, perhaps can adhere to a day or two, a long time will probably take the initiative to fried chicken, barbecue, potato chips surrender even if the willpower is amazing, can adhere to long-term, the body is always in need of food for energy, long-term dieting, the body’s resistance to natural decline, but the loss is not worth the gain.
Scientific fat loss also eat full, eat well, remember the 211 rule: that is, two fistfuls of vegetables, 1 fistful of high protein, 1 fistful of staple foods.

Dietary fiber to eat more
Long-term home, exercise is inevitably insufficient, rich dietary fiber can keep our intestinal tract open, regulate metabolic balance, but also increase the sense of satiety, so that weight loss with half the effort.
The short storage time of green leafy vegetables, in fact, can be completely replaced with konjac, the biggest feature of konjac is rich in dietary fiber, with the title of the king of dietary fiber, and easy to preserve, a variety of practices, long cooking does not suck.

Protein can not be missing
Weight loss is not weight loss, muscle gain and fat loss is the purpose. The weight of muscle is mainly composed of water, protein, glycogen, adequate protein allows us to preserve muscle in the fat loss process, and meat food, will bring more satiety to the body.

Try to choose low glycemic staples
Carbohydrates are essential nutrients for the body, so weight loss must not not eat staples, you can have priority to choose low GI staples, slow digestion rate, not easy to convert glucose into fat hoarding, and can continue to supply energy, a stronger sense of satiety, can help to better control the mouth.

Hethstia konjac rice is a good choice, with a GI value of only 48, about half that of ordinary rice, and rich in short and medium chain dietary fiber. The taste is also soft and sweet, diet can also eat satisfied.

You should not be anxious to lose weight, maintain a good state of life, adhere to a healthy scientific diet, you will definitely lose weight!