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All You Want To Know About Konjac Is Here!

2022-12-08 Page view : 86 views

Is it true that konjac can lose weight?

The results of the study proved that: 30 days of consumption of konjac flour, the rate of weight loss was 78.4%, a decline of 0.54.7 kg.
Konjac in the main component of konjac glucomannan calories are very low, and has a strong water absorption, viscosity, high expansion rate, into the stomach to absorb gastric juice can expand 20-80 times, producing a sense of satiety
Konjac glucomannan can not be digested by the body’s enzymes, does not provide nutrients, while slowing down the speed of food from the stomach to the small intestine, delaying digestion and absorption of nutrients, laxative effect, without deliberate dieting, you can achieve a balanced diet, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss, healthy consumers often eat, to maintain a healthy body.
Therefore, konjac glucomannan has the effect of preventing obesity and weight loss and body shaping.
Konjac doesn’t smell good?

Konjac noodles smell because konjac itself comes with – some fishy smell, plus konjac is an alkaline food, need alkaline water preservation, so the smell is normal, there is no harm to the human body!
You only need to rinse with water 2-3 times to remove most of the flavor!

Even the same konjac products, some cheap, some expensive, which is why?

Among other reasons, the quality of the product is a key factor in the price difference.
Hethstia konjac noodles ingredients only konjac powder and water!
Hethstia konjac noodles raw materials used is the best quality white konjac!
Hethstia konjac products are raw materials from its own konjac base!