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Comparison of Konjac Noodles and Regular Noodles

2022-05-26 Page view : 113 views


In many places now, people often make konjac powder into konjac powder, which is used in various diets. There are also many konjac foods on the Internet, such as konjac biscuits, konjac noodles, konjac rice and so on.


Today we will talk about konjac noodles in particular. What is the difference between it and ordinary instant noodles? Is it really low-calorie food that won’t get fat?


The calorie level of konjac noodles mainly depends on how much konjac powder is used in it. If it is high-purity konjac powder, the calorie can be close to 0. However, in order to take into account the taste and cost, some businesses often do not use pure konjac powder to make konjac. Instead, some other flours will be added, such as potato starch, wheat flour, soybean flour, etc. It is possible, and the specific heat depends on the ratio of various flours.


Looking at the nutrition list on the back of the package, a bag of low-calorie konjac noodles manufacturer has 220 grams, and the total calories are only about 8 kcal, while 100 grams of ordinary instant noodles have reached 470 kcal, which is about 58 times that of konjac noodles.


In fact, the konjac flour itself is not too “low-calorie”. There are about 186 calories per 100g of konjac flour. However, after the konjac is ground into powder, the water absorption is particularly strong. A little konjac flour can absorb water and expand.


The production of konjac noodles also uses the same principle, but not all konjac noodles are low in calories. The key to calorie content depends on the ingredients and the proportion of konjac flour added. The higher the proportion of konjac flour, the more water the product absorbs the lower the heat.


Although konjac itself is low in calories and can help you lose weight, konjac food is not necessarily.


Konjac is almost tasteless and often needs seasonings to enhance its flavor. Most of the konjac foods on the market are mostly added with a lot of sugar and oil to increase the flavor and taste, so the heat naturally rises.


For example, the konjac noodles we are talking about now, when many people eat konjac, what they actually want to eat are the seasoning of konjac products. Regarding seasonings, because a seasoning itself is only a dozen grams, although the total calories are not very high (about 50 to 100 calories), but because most of these sauces are high in salt or oil, eating too much It’s not good for the body either!


If you want to eat “konjac noodles”, you can buy the original konjac noodles and add some vegetables, eggs and meat yourself to ensure a balanced nutrition!