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Eat Konjac Benefits, The Efficacy And Role Of Konjac Flour To Understand

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Konjac flour is a brewed food, as long as it is used as a meal replacement or diet food, many obese people will drink konjac flour to reduce calorie intake, but for everyone, only to understand the efficacy and role of konjac flour, we can make better use of its nutritional value.

A, the efficacy and role of konjac flour
Konjac main component is glucomannan, this substance is a soluble polysaccharide, from the effect of nutrition, is an ideal soluble dietary fiber, ultra-low calorie. Dietary fiber has five major effects and roles in disease prevention and control.

1. Dietary fiber in the gastrointestinal absorption of water swelling, enhance the feeling of satiety, soluble fiber formed a gel state, delaying the absorption of glucose and fat. Gradually make blood sugar and blood fat levels fall.

2. Shorten the time food stays in the stomach, ordinary food takes 28 hours to be emptied from the intestine, while food rich in food fiber only takes 14-16 hours, reducing the absorption of harmful substances.

3. Food fiber can also adsorb and dilute carcinogens and toxic substances so that they can be eliminated from the body, thus having the function of cancer prevention to a certain extent.

4. The fermentation of fiber in the intestine leads to the decrease of intestinal pH value, which affects the metabolic activities of anaerobic flora and becomes the source of anti-tumor factors.

5. Food fiber can also promote the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids, reducing bile acids through the liver recirculation, thereby reducing cholesterol, and thus can inhibit the rise of cholesterol.

Second, the consumption of konjac flour method
Konjac flour is relatively simple to use, you can take ten grams of konjac flour in a cup, add 200 grams of boiling water to make a paste and then eat directly.
It seems that konjac flour for weight loss is a certain helpful role, and konjac flour can also be used as a meal replacement food to help people resist hunger, for people who like to eat konjac flour, konjac flour also has a laxative effect on the intestinal tract cleaning also has a great role, it can be seen that the benefits of eating konjac flour is really a lot.