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How Do You Lose Weight With Konjac? How Many Kinds Of Konjac Products Are Available?

2022-11-30 Page view : 108 views

Talking about konjac, you can’t get around the word weight loss. The reason why konjac is popular around the world, we have to talk about its food properties. The nutritional value of konjac needless to say, rich in carbohydrates, rich in trace elements, containing vitamin A, B and other vitamins and minerals.

The reason why konjac can lose weight is because it is rich in a substance, glucomannan, which can not be broken down by digestive enzymes, so it can not be used as calories, so we always say that konjac is low in calories is the reason. That many people say low calorie, eat more calories can not be less right, konjac is really one of the best weight loss products, glucomannan is really a high-quality dietary fiber, it enters the human intestine, will quickly absorb water and swell, the volume will increase 30 times to 100 times Oh, your feeling of fullness is so come.

How about it, is not very attractive?
Konjac in addition to a variety of dishes, ready-made konjac products are also a variety of konjac shreds, konjac noodles, konjac porridge, konjac snacks have appeared on the scene, to the most attractive appearance in front of us!

Konjac Spaghetti:
Product advantages.
0 fat, reduce fat intake; 0 added sugar, anti-sugar oxidation, low card, ideal meal replacement; high satiety, dietary fiber satiety effect
Product formula.
Konjac powder + pure water, without any additives, quality assurance!
Dietary fiber equivalent to 3 corn; 30 spinach; 5 apples!

Konjac jelly:
Konjac jelly, sweet and tender, low calorie and 0 fat, strong fruit flavor, rich taste.

Konjac Noodles:
Ready to eat, convenient and healthy. If you want to stay in shape, konjac noodles must be the best choice.

Konjac Sponge:
Konjac face wash puff is made of plant fiber material, strong water absorption, generating a large amount of foam can deep clean pores oil dirt, soft and tender to the touch, does not hurt the skin.