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How is konjac rice processed, and who are the people for whom konjac rice is suitable?

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Hethstia konjac rice, selected from the Jinsha River pure natural quality konjac for processing, the output of konjac flour is high purity, beige, no impurities, uniform and delicate powder; with local high-quality rice flour, through low-temperature maturation and other 108 high-tech process.
Quality konjac rice is very absorbent, strong sense of satiety, soaked konjac rice, and ordinary rice flour exactly the same, but the taste is more Q-tip, chewy, and with a light fragrance.
The cheap konjac rice on the market, not only the purity can not be compared to the single in the bubble after compared, most contain impurities, taste is far from the serious and even the konjac unique more fishy smell.

Konjac dietary fiber (konjac rice) for the crowd
A, the general population can eat, especially diabetics and obese people the ideal food;
B, intestinal problems, constipation and other people.

Konjac rice is known as the “magic food”, “magic food”. In 2002, the World Health Organization called konjac “a rare natural health food”.

Konjac The greatest value of konjac is its glucomannan content (KGM), an edible plant fiber that is not easily digested. KGM calorie is very low, has a strong water absorption, viscosity, high expansion rate, into the stomach to absorb gastric juice can expand 20-100 times, thus creating a sense of satiety. While fully satisfying the pleasure of eating, it effectively achieves the effect of a balanced diet, thus realizing a healthy and ideal weight loss state.