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How Many Calories Are In Konnyaku Noodles?

2022-11-22 Page view : 109 views

Every food contains a certain amount of calories, but the nature of each food, calorie content will vary, and for people on a diet, you need to consider the calorie content of food before eating. The konjac noodles are a kind of pasta made mainly from konjac flour, and compared with the general pasta, the calorie content of konjac noodles will be lower. Specifically, what is the calorie content of konjac noodles?

6 calories.
Konjac is an alkaline food, has a lowering of blood sugar, blood fat, laxative and other effects, at the same time, konjac can increase satiety, can reduce energy intake, there is a certain weight loss effect. The body’s energy metabolism order is generally first sugar, followed by fat, and finally protein. So to lose weight, if by way of exercise, the first half hour of basic consumption of sugar, after which will consume fat, so exercise as much as possible to take aerobic exercise and at least 30 minutes.

The weight loss principle of konjac
1, konjac’s main ingredient glucomannan is a high-quality natural dietary fiber, can hinder the body’s excessive absorption of sugar, fat, cholesterol.
2, konjac in the human metabolic process does not contain provide calories can also increase satiety, dilute harmful substances in the gastrointestinal tract, improve intestinal control and accelerate the digestion of food. Through the intestinal tract on obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestive tract cancer, high cholesterol and other diseases have preventive and complementary therapeutic effects. Also has the effect of detoxification and skin care, is the intestinal tract cleaners.
3, konjac in the cellulose has to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and laxative function, can the intestinal tract of toxic substances quickly out of the body, thus effectively preventing constipation, and colon cancer, hemorrhoids, venous tumors have an auxiliary therapeutic effect.