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How to Choose Konjac Food?

2022-05-28 Page view : 142 views


What is Konjac?


Konjac tuber contains very little starch, and its main component is konjac glucomannan.


The glucomannan in konjac is a water-soluble dietary fiber, which can absorb water to form a gel, and its volume expansion can reach about 50 times. After eating, you will feel full and avoid eating too many calories. Glucomannan enters the stomach and can form a viscous konjac gum solution, Extend the passage of food from the stomach to the small intestine, and cover the surface of the intestinal mucosa to form a diffusion barrier, delaying digestion and absorption of nutrients.


Now there are more and more varieties of konjac food on the market. When we buy, we will find that some konjac products have different shapes and colors. Why? Because the color is different and the processing method is different, because the whole plant of konjac is poisonous, it cannot be eaten directly. During processing, the tubers are ground up, washed with water to remove the juice, and then boiled with lime to coagulate to make a gelatinous edible form.


Roughly processed konjac products are dark in color and brown in color, with relatively coarse particles and a little fishy smell; while finely processed konjac products are generally off-white in color, with almost no impurities, and the particles are uniform and have no fishy smell.


Many konjac meal replacement powders supply are processed in a refined way, so they are generally white. The price of white refined products is slightly higher. Therefore, when choosing, it is best to choose konjac products with fair and translucent colors.


The konjac meal replacement biscuits and meal replacement porridge sold under the banner of meal replacement have a strong sense of satiety, but it is not enough to not be hungry if you want to have a good figure.


Meal replacements are supposed to provide nutrients such as protein and fat that can be replaced by staple foods, while some so-called meal replacement foods can only provide a very small amount of fat and protein. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully read the ingredient list of the product when purchasing.