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How To Eat Konjac Flour?

2022-09-09 Page view : 265 views

Konjac is a very common ingredient in our lives. Many people like to eat it. In fact, grinding it into powder is also a good way to eat. So what should you pay attention to when using konjac flour to lose weight?
Because konjac flour itself is relatively low in calories, if female friends only eat konjac flour when losing weight, then this is likely to lead to malnutrition. Therefore, it is recommended that friends who want to lose weight through it should choose hethstia konjac powder to meet your weight loss and nutritional needs.

How do people in different states eat konjac flour?
1. Those who are overweight and lose weight on an empty stomach in the morning, take 3-5 grams of konjac flour, add about 250 ml of warm water and stir well, 2-3 times a day.

2. 15 to 20 minutes before meals for diabetic patients, take 5 grams of this product, add 200 ml of water, stir well, and drink, 3 to 4 times a day.

3. To detox and laxative, take 5 grams of konjac flour, add about 200 ml of water, stir well and drink, 1 to 2 times a day.

4. To make a paste and eat, take 3-5 grams of powder and put it in a container, while stirring, rinse it with boiling water, and then it will become a transparent paste and ready to eat.

5.You can put konjac flour and vegetables in the soup, or mix it with nutritional powder (milk powder, sesame paste, corn flour, buckwheat flour) and add water.