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How to eat konjac flour, homemade simple recipe about konjac flour

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Konjac rice, as the name suggests, is rice produced with konjac dietary fiber as the main raw material. Its research and development process adopts low-temperature curing, and then it is produced through eighteen professional processes. The shape of the konjac rice produced is similar to rice, with an attractive fragrance, soft and glutinous taste, and soluble dietary fiber, which is natural, green and healthy.

According to modern medicine, konjac glucomannan is a kind of high-quality dietary fiber, which can promote peristalsis and help digestion. It is very beneficial for the prevention of obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases. Konjac is among the second batch of new food resources. Japan is one of the countries that consumes the most konjac in the world. They attach great importance to the health care function of konjac. They have passed legislation to stipulate that appropriate konjac rice should be included in the meals of primary and secondary schools.

The most special feature of konjac rice is its instant function. Unlike traditional rice that needs to be cooked and eaten, konjac rice does not need to be cooked. It only needs to be soaked in water. Whether it is cold water, warm water or boiling water, it can be cooked. The boiling water can be eaten in 8-10 minutes. If there are no conditions, it can be soaked in warm and cold water for longer time. This powerful function makes konjac rice portable, whether it is hiking, fishing, or camping in the wild.

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