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How to Eat Konjac Flour to Achieve the Weight Loss Beauty Effect?

2022-03-04 Page view : 102 views


Konjac products are most popular among people. Whether it is lowering the three highs, losing weight, or having a bowel movement, konjac has made great contributions to our human beings.


How should konjac products be selected, and how are konjac products classified?


Generally, there are several kinds of konjac food that are more convenient now: konjac flour, konjac gum, konjac dietary fiber.

  1. Organic konjac powder konjac gum glucomannan powder for weights lose low carb is pure konjac fine powder, which has a numb and astringent taste. Direct use will cause allergic reactions to the body.
  2. Konjac gum is refined on the basis of konjac fine powder. It is tasteless and is an excellent weight loss and health care product.
  3. Konjac dietary fiber is an excellent product in konjac gum, and it is the best konjac gum.


Konjac products are often eaten as “natural health food”, and it is recommended that people choose organic products or green products. To choose to use “konjac dietary fiber” or “konjac gum”, try not to choose konjac flour.


The brewing method of konjac: (the brewing method of a bag of konjac gum or konjac dietary fiber)

  1. Pour 150-200m1 boiling water into the cup.
  2. Slowly pour dietary fiber or konjac gum into the cup, stirring gently while pouring.
  3. Stir well and wait for 3-5 minutes to expand. Add a small amount of honey or flower dense stuffing. Ready to eat.