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Instant Noodles Vs Konjac Noodles! Instant Noodle Review

2022-07-28 Page view : 145 views

Health has always been an ongoing concern. As a popular healthy ingredient, konjac food has gradually become popular due to its characteristics of swelling in contact with water, strong satiety, low calorie, and rich nutrients. As an important member of it, konjac noodles have attracted widespread attention from consumers and food companies not only because of their nutritional characteristics, but also because of their “convenience” attributes and their suitability for lazy people.

How to choose instant noodles? What is the nutritional value of konjac noodles? How does it compare to instant noodles?

1. Summary of sensory evaluation
From a sensory point of view, instant noodles taste better than konjac noodles.

2. Analysis of ingredients
Why choose konjac as a healthy meal replacement ingredient? Studies have shown that konjac has a variety of health care functions. Glucomannan in konjac is a dietary fiber that can promote gastrointestinal motility to enhance gastrointestinal function and enhance satiety. It can hardly produce energy in the human body and can control body weight. . The basic composition of konjac noodles is water + konjac flour.

3. Summary of nutrients
The konjac noodles selected for the evaluation are all 0-fat, low-calorie, and low-sugar. The energy value, fat content and carbohydrate content of konjac noodles (including seasoning packets) are much lower than those of instant noodles, but the sodium content is higher than that of instant noodles.

If you are looking for healthy low-fat and weight loss, try gluten free instant konjac noodles.