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Is It True That Eating Konjac Every Day Can Help You Lose Weight?

2022-11-10 Page view : 82 views

It is not a lie that eating konjac flour does help you lose weight. Because the glucomannan contained in konjac is a high-quality soluble dietary fiber, swell with water, the volume will increase 80 to 100 times, thus greatly improving the feeling of satiety, used as a meal replacement is very good. When people feel full, they naturally do not want to eat more food. And slim instant konjac noodle in the glucomannan this ingredient can effectively adsorb bile acids and cholesterol, and can inhibit the intestinal digestion of them, has a significant lipid-lowering and gastrointestinal effects. In addition, the konjac in the dietary fiber molecular weight and viscosity is very strong, into the body will quickly form a gelatinous state, preventing digestive enzymes and food, slowing the absorption of glucose and fat, thereby reducing postprandial blood sugar and reducing food intake.

In fact, long-term consumption of konjac flour products are not only beneficial to obese people, but also beneficial to constipation, hyperlipidemia and other people, belonging to the health food, will not bring any side effects.

The weight loss principle of konjac
1, konjac’s main ingredient glucomannan is a high-quality natural dietary fiber that can hinder the body’s excessive absorption of sugar, lipids and cholesterol.

2, konjac in the human metabolic process does not contain provide calories can also increase satiety, dilute harmful substances in the gastrointestinal tract, improve intestinal control and accelerate the digestion of food. Through the intestinal tract on obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestive tract cancer, high cholesterol and other diseases have preventive and complementary therapeutic effects. Also has the effect of detoxification and skin care, is the intestinal tract cleaners.

3, konjac in the cellulose has to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and laxative function, can be toxic substances in the intestinal tract quickly out of the body, thus effectively preventing constipation, and colon cancer, hemorrhoids, venous tumors have an auxiliary therapeutic effect.