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Konjac Dietary Fiber – Konjac Rice, Leading The New Fashion For Weight Loss

2023-01-14 Page view : 99 views

Konjac dietary fiber is the raw material of konjac rhizome, processing and extraction and obtained. Its active substance content can reach up to 95% or more, in many dietary fiber extract, due to its low cost and high return, health care products, nutritional products, the application rate of the share of considerable.

I think many friends with weight loss experience for konjac dietary fiber crude processed products – konjac concentrate powder, or more familiar. But because of the consumption is not very convenient, and the taste is not very good, resulting in many friends difficult to accept.
Sentaiyaun through years of research and development attack, the birth of a new konjac dietary fiber products – konjac rice, also rich in soluble dietary fiber, it is a no-steam, no cooking, no washing, can be directly soaked in water a nutritional complex rice.

Effect of konjac dietary fiber (konjac rice)
1. Promote intestinal peristalsis, soften the stool, prevent constipation, colon cancer and rectal cancer has a better effect;
2. Reduce blood cholesterol, triglycerides, to prevent obesity;
3. Remove toxins from the body to prevent skin problems such as pigmentation and acne;
4. Reduce the absorption of sugar in the intestine and lower blood sugar after meals;
5. Promote the proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria and improve the body’s ability to absorb.