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Konjac Healthy Noodles: Where Is It Really Healthy?

2022-04-28 Page view : 154 views

Konjac is one of the lowest calorie foods in the food category because it contains approximately 97% water. The remaining 3% is mainly fiber present under the glucomannan complex that the body cannot metabolize. Konjac also contains very small amounts of minerals such as starch, protein and calcium. So what are the health benefits of konjac?


Konjac can help gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote digestion and defecation, and excrete excess toxins and unabsorbed nutrients from the body with the feces, which can relieve constipation and detoxify.


The human body does not have organs that can store selenium for a long time, nor can it automatically synthesize selenium, so it can only continuously supplement the selenium required for metabolism from the diet. Konjac also contains a lot of selenium, selenium can help people protect the heart, to a certain extent, and it can help patients with high blood pressure reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.


Konjac has strong water absorption, expands in volume after absorbing water, and can absorb cholesterol and bile acids, which has a certain effect on lowering blood pressure and reducing cardiovascular disease.


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