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Konjac Is Not Only For Weight Loss, You Underestimate Its Power!

2022-08-29 Page view : 119 views
I believe everyone can understand the impact of diabetes on life, often talking about diabetes and changing face, especially the complications caused by diabetes, which seriously endanger people’s quality of life!We have a wide range of foods suitable for diabetics, such as white dry konjac diabetic rice high dietary fiber.
A heavyweight study by Chinese scientists was published in the “Science” published in 2018: a team of professors confirmed that dietary fiber helps promote the growth of probiotics in the gut, thereby effectively controlling diabetes.
What is dietary fiber?
In 1991, the World Health Organization nutrition experts at the Geneva meeting recommended dietary fiber as a nutritional necessity for human diet. List it as following sugar, protein, fat, water, mineral
The “seventh largest nutrient” after substances and vitamins.
Dietary fiber refers to polysaccharides and lignin that cannot be decomposed by enzymes in the human digestive tract.
Dietary fiber is divided into soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. Soluble fiber affects the absorption of glucose and lipids in the small intestine, while insoluble fiber is fermented in the large intestine.
Intestinal function.
Dietary fiber is essential to a healthy diet. Fiber plays an important role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Adequate fiber intake can also prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.
The World Health Organization and the nutritional circles of various countries have given unified recommendations on the intake of dietary fiber, that is, the daily intake of each person is between 25g and 35g.
At present, the average daily dietary fiber intake per person is 13g, of which soluble dietary fiber is 11g, which is much lower than the recommended 25g/day.
Therefore, most people need to increase their dietary fiber intake. And Hethstia Konjac high-purity dietary fiber will be your best choice.
After glucomannan absorbs water and swells, it forms a gel, which absorbs and wraps the food in the digestive tract in the gel. The wrapped nutrients cannot be absorbed by the small intestine because they cannot contact the digestive enzymes.
Therefore, the absorption of sugar in the small intestine is delayed, the sugar entering the blood is also delayed, and the blood sugar becomes stable, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of diabetes.In addition, we have other konjac products such as flavored konjac noodles,konjac powder,etc.Please contact the konjac manufacturer if you need.