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Lose Weight in the Eyes of the “Ideal Food” – Konjac

2022-06-16 Page view : 131 views


When you search for “reduced-fat meals” and “reduced-fat snacks” on various platforms, konjac, corn, chicken breast, oats…… Not only that, but fitness videos will also tell you that konjac is the ideal low-calorie, high-filling food. Is there any scientific basis for this claim?


Instant Keto Friendly Konjac Noodles manufacture. Konjac, also known as konjac, is a warm and wet plant in the Araceae family. It is widely cultivated in Yunnan and Chongqing. Its active ingredient is konjac glucomannan, white powder, is a water-soluble polysaccharide, with strong water absorption, water retention, gellability and other properties, widely used in food and other fields.


Konjac glucomannan can absorb water and expand to form a gel 20-100 times its own volume, which quickly fills the stomach cavity, thus greatly increasing the feeling of fullness and reducing the intake of other foods. In addition, konjac glucomannan can form a gel barrier to prevent the body from absorbing glucose and fat in food, and as a dietary fiber, it will not be digested and absorbed by the body, which has an energy dilution effect. This is the reason why it is an ideal diet food. Eating konjac to lose weight can not only achieve weight control, but also reduce hunger pain, improve adherence and long-term weight loss. In addition, konjac also has a variety of other nutritional effects, such as regulating intestinal function, lowering blood lipid, blood sugar, anti-tumor and so on.


Konjac is rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, which is not easily digested and absorbed by the body. Therefore, people with gastrointestinal diseases should not eat too much; otherwise it will increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion and affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals.