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Low-calorie Healthy Konjac Food

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Konjac itself is indeed a low-calorie and healthy food. Konjac contains sixteen kinds of amino acids, more than ten kinds of minerals and rich dietary fiber. The main components are polysaccharides bound by glucose and mannose, which are a kind of water-soluble fiber, which cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body, but can promote gastrointestinal motility. We are low-calorie healthy konjac food supplier in China.
At present, the main raw materials of konjac products on the market are (konjac powder + water). Konjac has strong water absorption, and a small amount of solid can form a large amount of konjac gum, so people will have a strong satiety after eating it. sense.
1 catty of konjac flour ≈ 45 catties of water. Generally speaking, 100g of konjac flour is made into products such as konjac tofu or konjac silk, and the energy is only about 6-10 kcal/100g.
What concept? There are about 15 kilocalories per 100g of tomatoes. Konjac is lower in calories than baby tomatoes. In the above, the calories mentioned above mean that the raw materials are only konjac flour and water. Then, many foods on the market now have many other ingredients added in order to optimize the taste. The added potatoes, pumpkin, and starches only look healthy. In fact, the heat has changed a lot.
If you do have a strict diet, don’t buy konjac products with seasoning packets. Because it is not the konjac itself that attracts you, but the taste stimulation brought by the seasoning package. But the real calorie bomb is often hidden in flavor packets, so opt for low-calorie healthy konjac food.