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Low-fat And Low-calorie Konjac Noodles

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Konjac noodles may be familiar to everyone, but many people do not know that the main raw material of konjac noodles is what konjac looks like. Konjac, also known as Konjac, is an underground tuber with a flat round shape, diameter 7.5-25cm, and the top center is somewhat concave, dark reddish-brown; there are many fleshy roots and fibrous roots around the neck. It is very nutritious, containing 35% starch, 3% protein, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.


Compared with high-starch foods such as rice and noodles, konjac has less starch. The main component of konjac is glucomannan, which is a soluble polysaccharide. In terms of nutritional effects, it is an ideal ultra-low-calorie soluble dietary fiber. It is low in calories, and while fully satisfying people are eating pleasure, it will not gain weight, and without deliberate diet, it can achieve a balanced diet and ideal weight loss. 100 grams of konjac natural food contains about 43 mg of calcium, more importantly, its calcium content is easily dissolved and absorbed by the body.


And the method of konjac noodles is very simple, just put the konjac noodles into the water, boil, remove, put on the sauce and eat. Of course, you can also according to your own taste. Add condiments, it is convenient and delicious.


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