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Market Prospects For Konjac Rice

2022-10-31 Page view : 122 views

Konjac rice is made from konjac semolina and micronized flour as the main ingredients with a unique process. A low-calorie artificial rice rich in soluble dietary fibre, it is an ideal healthy staple food for people with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, diabetes and obesity.
Since its launch, konjac rice has been attracting attention and popularity in both domestic and international markets due to its special characteristics, uniqueness and novelty.
The Japanese have a tradition of eating konjac food, but due to the limited size of the country, which is often affected by typhoons, production is extremely unstable, and the extensive demand for industrial applications, large quantities are imported every year.
Korea and Southeast Asia markets, currently need to import a large number of konjac powder every year
European and American markets, the United States Food and Drug Administration in 1989 through the registration of konjac food, began to import konjac powder and konjac powder products. Europeans do not grow konjac, but interested in its weight loss and health functions, Europeans have strengthened the research and development of konjac food.
Some information statistics, the current global supply of glucomannan is about 12,000 tons, while the demand for more than 50,000 tons, China is the world’s main supplier of konjac resources.
The unique health functions of konjac rice and the shape of the product in the form of rice grains, as a healthy meal replacement rice, has great market prospects.