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Nutritional Value Of Konjac Rice

2022-10-31 Page view : 73 views

Konjac fibre rice is a low-calorie artificial rice rich in soluble dietary fibre, which is an ideal healthy staple for people with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, diabetes and obesity. The product resembles natural rice and has an appealing aroma and soft texture.

Konjac rice has the highest dietary fibre content of any staple food in the world. 100g of konjac rice per person per day will completely replenish the required dietary fibre. Weight loss Dietary fibre in the gastrointestinal tract limits the absorption of some sugars and lipids, resulting in increased fat consumption in the body. If you can consume more fibre in the morning, you will be more able to cope with hunger in the evening, which is the worst time to eat for weight loss. Dietary fibre helps you to lose weight easily and without any discomfort.

Physiological effects of dietary fibre:
1. Dietary fibre influences food intake. Dietary fibre can produce a feeling of satiety and reduce the amount of food eaten, due to the fact that dietary fibre expands through its strong water absorption. Experiments have shown that fortifying dietary fibre in breakfast can significantly reduce the appetite and amount of food eaten at lunch.
2, dietary fibre has the characteristics of low caloric energy. Strict control of calorie intake is essential for weight loss, and dietary fibre can provide almost zero calorie energy, which is very beneficial for weight control and maintaining body shape.
3. Dietary fibre has the effect of slowing down the absorption of nutrients. Dietary fibre can also take away excess fat and energy from the body while reducing the amount of food eaten, preventing the absorption of glucose and hindering the conversion of nutrients into calories. Obese people who choose dietary fibre foods will not only lose weight more easily, but will also find that their body’s blood sugar and blood lipid levels have dropped.

The National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has classified konjac dietary fibre as a functional health food for weight loss, prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.