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Nutritional Value of Konjac Rice

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Konjac fiber rice is a low-calorie artificial rice rich in soluble dietary fiber. It is an ideal healthy staple food for people with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, diabetes and obesity.


This product resembles natural rice with a soft and glutinous taste. It is a revolutionary breakthrough and innovation in the field of rice. The dietary fiber content of konjac rice is the highest in the world, and 100g of konjac rice per person per day can fully make up the required dietary fiber.


Dietary fiber restricts the absorption of some sugars and lipids in the gastrointestinal tract, which increases the consumption of body fat. At the same time, if you can consume more dietary fiber in the morning, your ability to deal with hunger will be stronger in the evening, and eating at night is the worst for weight loss. Dietary fiber helps you lose weight easily and without any discomfort. Shirataki Rice Organic with Low Calorie supplier.


Anyone who has experienced weight loss knows the pain of suffering from hunger during dieting, so why not choose dietary fiber foods to help lose weight, because dietary fiber has three physiological functions:


  1. Dietary fiber affects food intake.

Dietary fiber can produce satiety and reduce food intake. This is because dietary fiber increases the volume of stomach contents through strong water absorption and expands, and slows down the digestion and emptying speed of the stomach. Experiments show that: fortifying dietary fiber in breakfast can significantly reduce lunch appetite and food intake.


  1. Dietary fiber has the characteristics of low calorie energy.

Strict control of calorie intake is essential for weight loss, and dietary fiber can provide almost zero calories, which is very beneficial for weight control and body shape.


  1. Dietary fiber has the effect of slowing down the absorption of nutrients.

Dietary fiber can take away excess fat and energy from the human body while reducing food intake, which can be confirmed by examining the fat content in excretion. Soluble dietary fiber can also form a film on the gastrointestinal wall, preventing the absorption of glucose and hindering the conversion of nutrients into heat energy.

Obese people who choose dietary fiber foods can not only lose weight more easily, but also find that the levels of blood sugar and blood lipids in the body also drop, and the probability of developing atherosclerosis is also reduced.

So welcome to consult the konjac rice rich in dietary fiber.