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Picking Up The Famous Weight Loss Food, Konjac’s Past Life And Present Life

2022-12-30 Page view : 67 views

Konjac, part of the people think it is the only good fat loss, part of the people think it must not touch the “poison”, so what exactly makes them so divergent?

One: the origin of konjac
Chinese people have a long history of eating konjac, dating back to thousands of years ago.

Because of its unique economic composition glucomannan, has a number of physical and chemical properties that distinguish it from other plant gums unique. It has strong water absorption and swelling, emulsification, thickening and gelation, etc. It is used in food processing, which can improve the physical properties of food, giving food smooth texture, increase the gelation of food, in the food industry seems to have “magic” like, so also known as konjac.

Two: the magic of konjac most of the health value of konjac, are derived from its main component, glucomannan (KGM)
(1) fat loss value: KGM as nature’s high-quality soluble dietary fiber, with hydrophilic, water absorption can be expanded 80-100 times, as long as 2 to 3 grams of konjac flour, and water can be fully stirred in contact with the expansion of about 200 grams of translucent viscous colloid. Therefore, consumption of konjac products rich in glucomannan easy to make people feel full, thus reducing the amount of food.
2) Smooth blood sugar: And research shows that KGM has a significant improvement in glucose metabolism, it to effectively reduce and delay the absorption of glucose, reduce insulin fluctuations, is a good complementary food for diabetes.
3) Laxative: Like other dietary fiber, glucomannan can also promote gastrointestinal motility, and because of the extremely strong viscosity, but also adsorbs some toxic and harmful substances and excess cholesterol, fat, etc., with the feces out of the body, which helps laxative.

Three: the poison of said
Because konjac itself contains alkaloids, it cannot be consumed directly. In the past, the production of konjac tofu usually use the alkaline water obtained from the soaking of grass ash to produce konjac tofu. If the alkaline water is too little, the konjac tofu cannot be solidified; so when the manual cannot accurately grasp the amount, usually add too much alkaline water. Adding too much alkaline water is likely to cause an impact on the acidic environment of the human gastrointestinal tract, which can produce adverse reactions in people with sensitive constitutions, so it is treated as a “poison”.

Konjac noodles, konjac rice, konjac shreds knot… Konjac low calorie high dietary fiber characteristics, is being seen by more and more people. To more people to bring health and taste of dual satisfaction.