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Properly Eat Konjac Is Good For The Body, But Consumption Needs To Pay Attention To 4 Points

2023-01-31 Page view : 99 views

When it comes to konjac, I believe that many of you have eaten. But in fact, what we eat is not the konjac “body”, but some konjac food. The tubers of konjac are processed into konjac powder, and then processed into various forms of konjac products, such as konjac knots, konjac chips, konjac noodles, konjac jelly and so on. Konjac food is not only delicious, smooth texture Q, and very rich in nutrition, although the benefits of konjac many, but there are many cautions to know when eating.

1, do not eat raw
Konjac before processing looks like a large water chestnut, potatoes and taro crops, and taro is a close relative. However, the whole plant of konjac is toxic, the tuber is the most, absolutely can not be directly eaten, must go through the grinding, steaming, rinsing and other processing processes such as detoxification.

2, can not be long-term konjac as a staple food, need to match
Konjac food is characterized by a large amount of dietary fiber and water, very low calories, for people who want to lose weight, using it to replace some of the staple foods or mixed with staple foods to eat, is a very good choice. But to say that if long-term konjac food as a staple, it will prevent the absorption and utilization of nutrients such as protein, minerals, fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids, resulting in malnutrition.

3, poor digestive function should not eat often
The dietary fiber content of konjac is very high, not easy to digest. For people with poor digestive function, should try to eat less of this type of indigestible food, so as not to cause abdominal distension, indigestion and other symptoms.

4, can not eat too much at a time
Konjac is more difficult to digest food, if you eat too much at a time may lead to indigestion, so each consumption should not be too much.

Food is the body’s source of nutrition, each food has a variety of different levels of nutrients, no one food can meet the body’s full nutritional needs, there is no perfect food, there is no useless food. Various foods have different nutritional characteristics and must be reasonably matched in order to be nutritionally comprehensive, balanced nutrition is the basis of health.