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Recommended Satiating But Low-calorie Foods

2022-12-26 Page view : 67 views

Reducing food intake during the fat loss period is unavoidable, and every hungry night is a great test of willpower, and the next foods to be introduced are not only healthy, but also give you a sense of satiety, and the key is almost all 0 calories.

The first food is konjac noodles, konjac noodles even have a name called miracle noodles. The magic of konjac noodles is that it gives you a strong sense of satiety while still being very low in calories, about 220 grams of konjac noodles only 20 kcal, while the same in its pasta calories up to 300 kcal, konjac noodles calories are mainly composed of insoluble fiber, which will make you can absorb from the calories are further reduced, because this fiber will not be completely absorbed.

For comparison, when you consume carbohydrates rich in starch or sugar, you can absorb 4,000 calories per gram from it, while insoluble fiber is only 1.5 kcal per gram, so the calculation of a 220 grams of konjac noodles, you may be able to eat into the stomach can barely ingest 7.5 kcal.

The second food is konjac rice, because its ingredients are similar to konjac noodles, are made of konjac semolina, but certainly can effectively solve your hunger.

The third is cucumber. Cucumber is low in calories, with a water content of 97% of cucumber only 15 kg of calories, I highly recommend adding cucumber to your daily diet to enhance satiety and thus reduce the intake of other foods.

The fourth food is konjac jelly, which is low in calories while also satisfying your need for sweets to some extent. Due to the presence of konjac gum, it helps us to enhance the feeling of satiety.

I hope you can all go to adjust your diet in time.