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Stable Blood Sugar Is Not Afraid Of Eating Fat, Diabetics Can Often Eat Konjac Noodles

2022-09-23 Page view : 104 views

Many diabetic patients have poor diet control, often high blood sugar after meals, hungry after eating less, and high blood sugar after eating too much. So what can you eat to be full and control your blood sugar after meals?
Today, I would like to introduce a kind of food that can fill your stomach and stabilize sugar, konjac, for all diabetic patients.
Konjac is low in calories. Because its protein and fat content are relatively low, the calories per 100 g of konjac flour are 180 kcal, which is only half of rice.
If a diabetic eats two taels of rice a day, it is equivalent to eating four taels of konjac flour.
Konjac contains glucomannan. Helps stabilize postprandial blood sugar. Like other dietary fibers, glucomannan helps people with diabetes stabilize postprandial blood sugar in two main ways:
First, this dietary fiber soothes the absorption of glucose. Doctors often tell diabetic patients to eat less staple foods such as rice and steamed bread, because these foods are high in starch. After being digested in the stomach, the starch turns into glucose and enters the blood, which becomes the source of our blood sugar. If the digestion speed is fast, the glucose enters the blood faster, and the blood sugar rises faster; if the digestion is slower, the blood sugar rises slowly. Glucomannan can form a very viscous solution when it absorbs water. In this way, the speed of digestion and absorption of various nutrients in the stomach will naturally decrease. It can make glucose slowly enter the blood, helping diabetics to stabilize postprandial blood sugar.
The preparation of shirataki konjac pasta is very easy. Open the pack and drain off the water. Rinse the shirataki noodles with clean water before use.
The noodles can now be added eg directly into a sauce and simmer a little so that they can accept the taste of the sauce.
Alternatively about 1min. Boil in water, strain and set aside. Sauté the vegetables and meat of your choice, season and mix with the pasta.
To sum up, konjac can indeed not only satisfy diabetic patients, but also help to stabilize blood sugar. It is one of the healthy foods for diabetic patients.
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