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The Correct Way To Eat Konjac Food

2022-11-25 Page view : 76 views

If you ask what food is the least fattening, many of your dieting friends will mention konjac.
Is it very low in energy? Is eating it really good for weight loss?
Konjac noodles are lower in energy than most dishes.
Commercially available konjac products are mainly Konjac Spaghetti or Konjac Fettuccine, which are made from konjac flour and water as the main ingredients.
Konjac flour is rich in konjac polysaccharides, this substance is super absorbent, about 1 pound of konjac flour can absorb 45 pounds of water.
So the energy has 186 kcal / 100 grams of konjac flour, made of konjac Spaghetti or konjac Fettuccine, energy is only about 6 to 13 kcal / 100 grams, only 3% to 7% of the energy of konjac flour.
How low is this energy?
The energy of vegetables is the lowest in all types of food, vegetables in the ultra-low energy when the winter melon, lettuce, baby greens, greens, including winter melon energy is 10 kcal / 100 grams, the latter three are 12 kcal / 100 grams of energy, so the energy of konjac Spaghetti or konjac Fettuccine is lower than most vegetables.
Weight loss friends can use konjac noodles as a meal replacement, a 220-gram bag of konjac noodles is only 37 kcal, which is only 2.5 chips or 0.4 bananas of energy, but it can resist hunger for 4 hours.
Both konjac Spaghetti, or konjac Fettuccine, their protein, fat are 0, carbohydrate content is also very low very low, can replace the staple food, but can not do protein bear.
Its carbohydrate is mainly dietary fiber, but it is rich in dietary fiber than the vegetables, almost no vitamins, mineral content is also very low, so it can not replace vegetables. It can only be said that it provides the body with some dietary fiber and a little energy by the way.
When losing weight for nutritional balance, you can eat some konjac products to increase some satiety, it is recommended that the main meal, vegetables and protein are eaten.