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The First Choice for People Who Lose Weight – Konjac Noodles

2022-04-18 Page view : 112 views

Over the years, konjac has become a leader in the weight loss industry, and konjac products are various. Instant konjac products such as konjac instant noodles, konjac rice, konjac knot, etc. It is even rumored that low-calorie “konjac noodles” are not fat. Is this true?


The calorie level of konjac noodles mainly depends on how much konjac flour is used in it. If it is high-purity konjac flour, the calorie can be close to 0. However, in order to take into account the taste and cost, some merchants often do not use pure konjac flour to make konjac. Instead, some other flours will be added, such as potato starch, wheat flour, soybean flour, etc. It is possible, and the specific heat depends on the ratio of various flours.


How to judge whether the konjac noodles you bought is really low calorie?


See the Nutrition Facts list on the back of the package:


Take “Konjac Noodles” on Amazon as an example:


A bag of XX konjac noodles has 220 grams, and the total calories are only about 36 calories, and the calorie content is relatively low.


Compared with the same amount of rice, 100 grams of konjac noodles has less than one-sixth of its calories.


And 100 grams of ordinary instant noodles have reached 470 calories, which is about 28 times that of konjac noodles. Various Noodle Dried Konjac Noodles Spaghetti Supplier.


Calories of ordinary vermicelli: 100 grams of vermicelli contains 368 calories.


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