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They Are All Konjac – Konjac Food Family

2022-12-30 Page view : 117 views

Currently on the market can be described as a wide variety of konjac food, life in addition to the common konjac food konjac tofu. There are also konjac silk, konjac knot, konjac noodles, konjac cold skin, konjac tripe, these five categories are very popular among consumers, although they look very different in form, color is not the same, but they do belong to the konjac family. Then there may be friends will question, since the same belong to the konjac family, why some white color, while the konjac tofu color is gray?

That is because konjac tofu is usually made with konjac flour, that is, the unpeeled konjac is directly chopped and mixed, so the color is dark. The konjac noodles are really made from konjac flour + pure water.

The konjac powder with water and stir into konjac paste, and then into a thin-bore utensil extrusion can get shredded konjac paste, falling into the hot water, solidified into a konjac silk. Then the konjac yarn tied into a knot, is the konjac knot.

The preparation of konjac Lasagna and konjac noodles are the same, but more generous and tough to bring the difference in taste.

Konjac tripe, simply “fake” the king of the real surface lines and small bumps are like the real tripe, crisp in the mouth.

In the past two years, as people’s living conditions are getting better and better, the diet has become richer and richer, high sugar and high fat diet to bring dopamine satisfaction at the same time, in fact, also broke the balance of the body, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, constipation and other health problems followed.

SENTAI konjac as the konjac industry leader, relying on the strength of the konjac technology research and development and konjac food research center, the past few years is the development of konjac food to the extreme, in addition to the popular konjac noodles, and konjac milk tea, konjac tripe, konjac meal replacement rice and other new products, dedicated to providing consumers with more choices, bringing Health and delicious double enjoyment.