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What Is “konjac” Made Of And Why Is It Called Konjac?

2023-01-31 Page view : 79 views

In the 1950s, a scholar in India said, “If there is a crop that has not yet attracted enough attention, it is konjac.” Why is it called konjac, and what does it do, and why does it attract so much interest from scholars. Let’s learn more about this overlooked delicacy next.

Konjac is the general name of the genus Konjac of the family Tenascus, it belongs to a large class, this genus of plants have 163 species, distributed in China there are 21, not many can be eaten, today there are two common flower konjac and white konjac.

So what is the konjac made of and why is it called konjac?
In the fall, the root of the konjac dug out, washed, pounded into pieces, with grass ash to boil 20 to 30 minutes, and then water panning and change the water to boil, a few minutes later solidified and frozen to become konjac tofu, eat it can be sliced and cooked to eat, without grass ash can not produce konjac tofu, you can also cut it into shreds, and then cook.

Nowadays, konjac is not made with ash, but with alkali, which is much more convenient.

Why is konjac called “konjac”? The answer to this question can be found in Zhao Xuemin’s “A Collection of Materia Medica” from the Qing Dynasty.
The answer is that konjac grows in the deep forests of the mountains; the second is that a good konjac can be eaten by more than 10 people, so it is called “konjac” because of its magic power.

See here “konjac” is made of what, why should be called konjac? You should be very clear about it. We eat the konjac tofu, konjac noodles are actually processed after the product, the real konjac, look actually and taro a little like, friends, you have made konjac?