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What Is The Application Of Konjac In Food?

2022-09-23 Page view : 118 views

Application of Konjac Powder in Food:
The application of konjac flour in food is mainly based on its water swelling, thickening, gelling and film-forming properties.
Applications in baked goods such as bread, cakes, etc.:
Adding konjac flour to flour can improve dough stability, increase water absorption, improve elasticity, increase bread volume, and make bread soft and delicate.
Application in noodles
Konjac flour improves the processing properties of noodles, resulting in noodles with a uniform, smooth and tough texture, such as shirataki noodles konjac.

Application in Beverages:
Konjac powder has a great thickening effect and is stable under acidic conditions, so it can be used in beverages with pulp to increase the viscosity of juice and slurry, suspend and stabilize pulp, and improve the quality of beverages.
Application in candy:
Using agar with konjac powder to make soft gel candy, the obtained product is soft, smooth, high elasticity, unique in taste, and high in water content, which can reduce the production cost.
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