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What Is The Best Food Source Of Glucomannan? What Is The Dosage Of Konjac Powder?

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High concentrations of glucomannan, a gelatinous noodle that is virtually calorie and carbohydrate free, have been found in konjac noodles. Konjac noodles are often used as a pasta substitute in low-carb diets and are suitable for stir-fries and soups. If you want to find a direct source of konjac, you can find konjac root at larger grocery stores. It has a taro-like flavor and a smooth mouth feel when eaten. Konjac root is most often used to make traditional Japanese dishes such as fish cakes and stews.

Glucomannan powder, capsules and tablets are readily available online and are sold in many natural food stores and stores specializing in dietary supplements. Most formulations are available in doses ranging from 500 mg to 2,000 mg. There are no guidelines to guide the appropriate use of glucomannan supplements. Doses of up to 9 grams per day, divided into 3 to 4 doses, are considered safe, depending on the purpose of the treatment. Always use at least 250 ml of water for each dose. For children, the dose should not exceed 100 mg/kg/day.

Dietary supplements are largely unregulated in the United States and vary widely from brand to brand. To ensure quality and safety, choose a supplement that has been tested by an independent certifying body such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), a consumer laboratory, or NSF International. Also, look for brands that are certified organic according to USDA regulations. This will ensure a higher level of purity and safety. Most importantly, don’t be swayed by health claims that may or may not be true.

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