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What Is The Effectiveness Of Konjac Dietary Fiber Powder?

2022-10-12 Page view : 278 views

Konjac dietary fiber is currently found to be one of the best soluble dietary fiber, has been widely used in food, health food, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals and biology and many other fields. Konjac not only contains a variety of vitamins and 10 kinds of mineral elements, but also contains the human need for konjac polysaccharide, identified by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten health food.
Konjac dietary fiber powder efficacy
1. Reduce cholesterol
Food digestion requires the participation of bile acids, when the body is supplemented with water-soluble dietary fiber, the formation of soluble substances in the small intestine will be surrounded by bile acids, blocking the opportunity for bile acids to be absorbed back into the liver by the small intestine. The acidified fat and bile acids are excreted through excretion, and when the intestine digests food again, it can only absorb cholesterol in the blood to replenish the consumed bile acids, which has the health effect of lowering cholesterol.
2. Reduce blood sugar
Konjac dietary fiber soluble in the gut to form a gelatinous film, which can block the process of digestion and absorption of food nutrients by the small field, so that the digestion of starch into glucose, blood sugar rate is reduced, which can reduce the secretion of insulin to control the increase in blood sugar. The amount of dietary fiber intake is related to the change of blood sugar level.
3. Relieve constipation
Konjac fiber sol has lubrication of the intestinal tract and remove food residues in the intestine, increase water in the intestine and dilute carcinogenic substances in the intestine, softening stool, stimulate the growth and proliferation of anti-tumor anaerobic bifidobacteria, prompting increased bowel movements, speeding up the rate of excretion, thus effectively relieving and preventing constipation.
4. Weight loss function
Because of the soluble dietary fiber lysis effect, can regulate the intestinal wall of fat and other nutrients digestion, absorption rate and excretion of feces, can effectively prevent constipation and excess nutrients caused by obesity, pigmentation, acne and other symptoms occur. The use of eating konjac food aid weight loss method, you can eat normal meals every day, without a lot of dieting.