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Why Does Konjac Have Carbs And 0 Calories?

2023-02-17 Page view : 76 views

The konnyaku noodles that sell very well online, do you know what are its ingredients? Is it low in calories and low in fat as they say?

The ingredients list was the first thing I looked at.
I was shocked at how simple the ingredients were, I couldn’t believe it was just konjac flour and purified water. But what is konjac powder? It turns out that konjac powder is also known as konjac flour or konjac mannans, also known as KGM (soluble dietary fibre), which is a polymer from natural crops, so the whole product is quite healthy.

Konjac noodles do have carbs in them, but they are mainly KGM, which contain no calories and are satiating, slowing down and reducing the absorption of glucose, thus enabling effective figure management.

The calorie count on the packet says 6 calories of energy per 100g, and after testing, the figures do not come close to this.

So shredded konjac is indeed a low-cal, low-fat food, which contains carbohydrates that are also good for the body, will not be absorbed and will not produce calories in large molecules, so you can eat it without fear.