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Why Is Konjac Noodles Low In Calories? How To Choose Konjac Food?

2022-07-28 Page view : 121 views

The main component of the underground tubers of konjac is glucomannan, a polymer compound, which has a strong water absorption effect. After water absorption, the volume can expand 80 to 100 times. It is not easy to be digested and absorbed after eating, which is why the GI value of konjac ( Blood sugar rise rate) is low, difficult to digest and absorb, so it will not be converted into fat~~

Compared with the same biscuit, the fattening effect of konjac flour is far lower than that of ordinary starch biscuit. People often make konjac powder into konjac powder, which is widely used in diet. Now there are many konjac foods on the Internet, such as konjac biscuits, konjac noodles, konjac rice and so on.

Now there are more and more varieties of konjac food on the market. You may find these konjac products when you buy them. In addition to different shapes and colors, you can’t help but be a little confused.
In fact, the difference in color is due to the different processing methods. Because the whole plant of konjac is poisonous, it cannot be eaten directly.
During processing, the tubers are ground up, washed with water to remove the juice, and then boiled with lime to coagulate to make a gelatinous edible form. Roughly processed konjac products are dark in color and brown in color, with relatively coarse particles and a little fishy smell; while finely processed konjac products are generally off-white in color, with almost no impurities, and the particles are uniform and have no fishy smell. Many konjac meal replacement powders are refined, so they are generally white, and the price of white refined products is slightly higher.

Therefore, when choosing, it is best to choose konjac products with fair color and translucent color. If you are very worried about the hygiene of these konjac foods, it is recommended that you choose clean and reputable merchants when buying in the market. Sentaiyuan has more than 30 years of experience. The experience of konjac processing and production, choose zero calorie low carb konjac noodles look for Hethstia.