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Learn About Konjac Rice and Noodles with 0 Sugar And 0 Fat

2022-04-30 Page view : 139 views


14 years ago, studies have proved that the glucomannan in konjac has a very powerful fat-reducing effect! After absorbing water, the volume can expand by about 50 times, which will increase a strong sense of satiety.


In 2005, an authoritative foreign institution conducted a weight loss comparison experiment on glucomannan. In the experiment, researchers divided 176 overweight people into two groups:

The first group was required to take 1g of glucomannan before meals every day, and the second group took 1g of placebo every day before meals. After 5 weeks, it was found that the average weight of the first group lost about 5 pounds, which is only the effect of 1g, the fat loss effect is already amazing!


Spaghetti Pure Instant Konjac Noodles supplier The konjac noodle that I want to recommend to you today – Hethstia, the entrance is amazing, delicious and filling, the key point is that it is low in calories, and the fat-reducing effect will make you scream! Come and find out


Hethstia konjac noodles are very popular in foreign countries. Amazon often sells out of stock. Countless netizens are crazy to check their own use effect on INS. The pictures are for you to feel, and they are even called “miracle noodles” by netizens. Not only has it passed the EU certification of the food industry, but also the price is only 1/3 of the same quality, and the price is very high.


Hethstia konjac noodles are located near Jinsha River which is the best origin of konjac, advanced equipment and professional technicians. In addition to selecting top ingredients, it has also undergone more than 10 research and development before and after. In the production process of konjac noodles, they are first ground and washed, and then use alkaline water to condense the konjac into a shape, and turn it into konjac rice or konjac noodles. No additives are added in the whole process. Because it is pure and natural, it tastes particularly strong and chewy!


In addition to being truly delicious, it’s super low in calories! 0g sugar, 0g fat, 0 added, only 6 calories per pack, allowing you to eat the same or even less calories while eating well