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Poor Bowel Movements You Look Over, Konjac And Constipation Is The Original Relationship

2023-01-06 Page view : 110 views

There are numerous dietary treatments for constipation, from ancient honey to bananas, who in the end has a better laxative effect? In fact, in many high dietary fiber food, there is a “master” is often overlooked – konjac, as the first dietary fiber content list, it is the real laxative good thing.

Konjac is a food similar to taro, containing 35% of starch, 3% protein, a variety of minerals and vitamins, cholesterol-free, it is characterized by low calorie, low fat, high fiber, per 100 grams of konjac flour contains more than seventy grams of fiber, the content is much higher than other foods. Konjac is rich in dietary fiber helps gastrointestinal motility, promoting the discharge of waste products in the intestinal tract, thereby preventing constipation. The Nutrition Society recommends that adults have a daily intake of dietary fiber of 25g-30g, if you eat konjac, only 50g is enough.

Why konjac can relieve constipation dietary fiber intake is insufficient is the main cause of constipation, and dietary fiber unique water absorption and expansion properties soften stool, increase the volume of food, by stimulating the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, promote defecation, accelerate the excretion of the body’s accumulated feces. The high dietary fiber in konjac can reduce the stagnation time of feces in the intestine and feces in contact with harmful substances in the intestine, to keep the intestinal tract clean, thereby reducing and preventing gastrointestinal diseases, to achieve the purpose of smooth bowel movements, is a solution to constipation “natural goodies”

Want to eat konjac to relieve constipation, I’m afraid the weak spleen and stomach people can not apply it this time you can try konjac dietary fiber Oh! Quantitative and precise supplementation of daily dietary fiber, comfortably help you regulate intestinal health, improve the situation of difficult bowel movements, add water to take the effect is even better!