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Sugar Control and Blood Pressure – Konjac

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Many people yearn for a food that is full without worrying about rising blood sugar. In fact, konjac and oatmeal are the star foods in the weight loss industry. Low-processed or raw oats are very suitable for low-sugar consumption. Today I will talk about one. Magical food – konjac.


The deity of konjac is also called konjac. Konjac and taro belong to the same family and genus. They are mainly edible plants with underground stems. The shape of its bulb is also similar to that of a potato. Konjac bulbs are poisonous and cannot be eaten raw, and must be processed before they can be eaten.


Konjac loses minerals and vitamins during processing, and most of what remains is water-soluble dietary fiber. In addition to being rich in fiber and a small amount of vitamins, konjac has almost no other nutrients. It is classified as a “zero-calorie” food and is the darling of healthy weight-lossers, but this characteristic is actually very suitable as an ingredient.


The biggest benefit of eating konjac is that it is rich in soluble dietary fiber and gluco-mannan (a polysaccharide bound by glucose and mannose, which is a water-soluble fiber).


Konjac has the characteristics of high viscosity of polysaccharides. It absorbs water in the stomach and intestines, and it is easy to feel full after eating. It also has the effect of coating fat. The water-soluble fiber of konjac can hinder the reproduction of bacteria in the intestine after being absorbed by the human body, and guide the bacteria to be discharged, so it has the reputation of “gastrointestinal scavenger”.


  1. Improve high blood pressure The glucomannan contained in konjac has the function of absorbing cholesterol, normalizing the concentration of cholesterol, and effectively reducing high blood pressure.


  1. Control blood sugar

The water-soluble dietary fiber contained in konjac will not be digested or absorbed in the human body, because the human body does not have enzymes to decompose it, and this characteristic will make it absorb sugar when it enters the stomach, making food nutrient absorption change. Slow, thus slowing down the rapid rise in blood sugar after meals.


  1. Improve constipation

The fiber contained in konjac is almost twice that of some vegetables, which can help gastrointestinal motility very well, and its high water content can not only soften stool, but also increase stool volume, lubricate the intestines to help defecation, and coat Fat and excess toxins in the body are excreted together.


Diet Food Konjac is a very suitable food for obese people with excessive abdominal fat and sugar lovers who need to strictly control their calorie intake. However, konjac has limited nutrition after all. Don’t blindly pursue weight loss and sugar control, but pay attention to matching other ingredients to balance nutrition.