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The Application Of Konjac In All Walks Of Life

2022-08-30 Page view : 138 views

Konjac bulbs mainly contain glucomannan, up to 60%. The value of konjac lies in glucomannan. Because glucomannan is water-soluble, water-holding, thickening, stable, suspending, gelling, and bonding
and other unique physical and chemical properties, so it has a wide range of application value.
Food Market
In recent years, konjac has attracted people’s attention, only because of its wide application value, it has emerged in the food industry. Konjac bionic food, konjac jelly, konjac biscuits, konjac instant food, konjac noodles, konjac milk tea, konjac wine,konjac rice and other foods. The gelling, thickening and water-retaining properties of konjac can enhance the taste of food, prolong the shelf life, etc., and the food is beneficial to maintain human health.
Using konjac glucomannan powder as an additive, it can be mixed into flour, cakes, soy products and other foods to make a variety of delicious dishes.
Chemical Market
The adhesion and moisturizing properties of konjac are widely used in chemistry, such as in the production process of cosmetics. Using konjac to produce fully degradable film will solve a major problem for my country’s environmental protection cause to overcome white pollution. The film-forming properties of konjac and the production of degradable films have brought new developments to the development of konjac industry.
Healthcare Market
The main dietary fiber rich in konjac is the seventh largest nutrient element in the human body. After adding food, people can enjoy the food and at the same time fill in the dietary fiber that the human body lacks. As a high-quality dietary fiber, konjac has the characteristics of low calorie, low fat, low protein, strong water absorption and large expansion coefficient. Help, eat konjac regularly is conducive to maintaining human health.
Konjac is an alkaline food. People who eat too much animal food can achieve acid-base balance and maintain good health after eating more konjac food.