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The Industrial Efficacy of Konjac

2022-03-25 Page view : 81 views

Konjac is also widely used in the industrial field, Private Label Body Cleaning Beauty Sponge Konjac Sponge Natural, Konjac glucomannan is a good cosmetic base, it has good water absorption and swelling, can improve the skin’s sense of contact with cosmetics, has a softening effect, and can make hair shiny.


Both konjac powder and glucomannan have good water absorption, film-forming and cohesiveness, and can be used as sizing agent for wool, hemp and cotton yarn, printing and dyeing paste for double-sided printing of silk and post-processing softener; It can replace starch as textile printing and dyeing agent, architectural coatings and various advanced adhesives; it can be used as a capsule wall material for microcapsules in perfume processing; it can be used in the paper industry to make high strength paper by its adhesiveness; it can be used in baby diapers and women’s It is used as a water-absorbing material in sanitary napkins; it is used for fresh cut flowers in gardening; it is used as a thickener and stabilizer in the daily chemical industry; it is used as a non-toxic natural coating preservative for fruits, eggs, etc. in food preservation.


In addition to the above uses, konjac contains a variety of alkaloids, which have obvious inhibition, avoidance and poisoning effects on many pests and fungi. Konjac can also be used as a raw material for the production of semi-permeable membranes and ion-exchange membranes, drilling aids and fracturing agents in the petroleum industry, and can be used to make movie copies, photographic film, audio tapes, etc. Konjac can also be made into a gel explosive, which is very stable in the air and insensitive to collision. Even in water, the dissolution of its components is very slow, and it will not fail when stored for a long time. It is not only used for general blasting, but also can be used for underwater.