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The Multi-industry Efficacy of Konjac

2022-04-11 Page view : 96 views

Konjac is the only important economic crop that can provide a large amount of glucomannan in nature, and the content of glucomannan is more than 60%. Its uses are very extensive, and as technology advances, new uses are constantly being developed.


In the field of food, konjac has been identified as one of the top ten health foods by the United Nations Health Organization. Konjac Noodles Shirataki supplier Konjac contains 17 kinds of amino acids required by the human body, 10 kinds of mineral trace elements and rich dietary fiber, which is an ideal food for middle-aged and elderly people. Highly active konjac dietary fiber can reduce lipid levels in blood lipids in the body. Konjac food is called “ideal health food”, “food new flower” and so on.


In the field of medicine, modern medical research has shown that konjac glucomannan can reduce the total amount of glycerides and cholesterol in the blood, and can also promote intestinal peristalsis and quickly excrete toxic substances in the intestines. scavenger”. With the continuous expansion of the use of glucomannan in food, chemical industry, medicine, etc., the market demand continues to increase.


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