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The Role Of Konjac Gum In The Food Industry

2022-08-20 Page view : 138 views

Konjac is a perennial herb of the Araceae family and has a long history of planting in the southwestern and central and western regions of China. We often eat konjac tofu, konjac flour and other foods, these are just some primary processed foods of konjac. In the big family of food additives, there is a product called konjac gum, which is extracted from konjac, which greatly enhances the economic value of konjac.

Konjac gum is extracted from the tubers of konjac. The main component is glucomannan, which is a non-ionic water-soluble polymer polysaccharide. It has synergy, mutual solubility or synergy with most edible gums. Because of its natural, healthy and safe properties, it is widely used in beverages, jelly, ice cream, meat products, flour products and other foods.

Application of Konjac Gum in Food Processing:
Stabilizer for ice cream to make the mouthfeel smooth and delicate;
As a baked food additive for biscuits, cakes, etc., to make the product smooth in appearance and loose in texture;
It can increase the strength of the thread and increase the toughness of the noodles;
As a beer foam stabilizer, the bubbles are small and uniform after pouring the cup, and the hanging time is long;
as a clarifying agent for fruit juices and alcohol;
As a food preservative, it can inhibit the reproduction of aerobic microorganisms and prolong the preservation period of eggs, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.
Using the film-forming properties of konjac gum, microcapsules can be made.
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