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How to eat konjac flour, homemade simple recipe about konjac flour

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Method 1: Konjac Jelly
1. First put a small bowl of cold water in the pot, take a small spoon and put two tablespoons of konjac flour in it, and keep stirring while the fire is low, try not to have lumps, and the water will boil.
2. Pour into a bowl to cool, and after cooling it is a springy jelly, you can make more at a time because you can scoop a little from the bowl each time you eat.
Method 2: Homemade Konjac Coffee
Put the konjac flour and coffee into the cup first, rinse with a small amount of cold water first, then brew with warm water, use warm water, drink it without waiting for it to clump
Go, this way – it’s not very hungry all day.
Method 3: Homemade Konjac Fruit Milk
(1) Take an empty glass and put in cold milk or cold juice. Note that carbonated beverages cannot be used. The proportion of water is about four-fifths of the capacity of the cup. Note: (a glass with a height of 11cm and a diameter of 7cm) the proportion of water is adjusted according to the volume of the cup.
(2) After pouring the water into the cup, take out the konjac flour, “slowly” sprinkle the konjac flour on the surface of the water, take a chopstick and stir quickly. Stir clockwise, not
Stir back and forth!! The proportion of powder is about 2 grams
(3) The stirring time is about 2 minutes. After the stirring is completed, the stirring is stopped when the transparent paste is seen.
(4) After stirring, stop for 1 minute, let it fully expand, and then enjoy it slowly.

Here are some ways to eat it:
1. You can drink the soup before meals, put konjac flour and vegetables in the soup.
2. It can be mixed with nutritional powder (milk powder, sesame paste, corn flour, buckwheat flour) and mixed with water.
Konjac Dietary Powder is low-calorie, which is very effective for weight loss, because it is very absorbent and can expand dozens of times in the stomach. Make people feel full.
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