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For Konjac Products, You Must Know The Things

2022-11-10 Page view : 116 views

Konjac, is a well-deserved low-cal champion, weight loss period is particularly suitable for use as an adjunct product, then we will nag, these products need to pay attention to the problem.

1.High invisible calories
Although the konjac itself, very low calorie, and can help weight loss, but konjac food can not be. Konjac basic tasteless, often need seasoning to enhance the flavor, most konjac food on the market, most add a lot of sugar, oil, to increase the flavor and taste, so the calories naturally up, such as everyone’s favorite konjac snacks.
The konjac snack is about 144kcal per 100g, with a sodium content of 1254 mg, you can see that not only the calories come up, but also the sodium content is as high as 1254 mg. If you eat a large bag in one sitting for a long time without restraint, not only can you not lose weight, but also may induce edema and hypertension and other chronic diseases!

2. not rely on this alone to lose weight
Some dieters, because of the urgent psychology will choose konjac meal replacement to replace all food intake, every day instead of Chinese dinner, which is not desirable. This type of food is very low in protein and fat, some even zero protein, zero fat, although after consumption will produce a strong sense of satiety, not because of hunger to eat something else, but it is recommended to cooperate with exercise, moderate exercise with diet will have a better weight loss effect.

3. Attention
Due to the rich dietary fiber content of konjac, the gastrointestinal tract is not easy to digest and absorb, so people with poor gastrointestinal function, indigestion, should not consume too much each time, otherwise there may be gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, bloating, flatulence or diarrhea and other side effects.

Overall, shirataki konjac noodle is a low-calorie and delicious food that is really good for weight loss. After eating it, it will also absorb water and expand, making the feeling of satiety last, and the glucomannan contained is its unique high-quality soluble dietary fiber, which can prevent obesity, high-fat hypercholesterolemia, etc. It is especially good for light fasting during weight loss and is excellent.