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Konjac Adds New Category To Healthy Diet

2022-12-16 Page view : 106 views

Konjac in China’s history of food and medicinal use for thousands of years, and today konjac is also established by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten health products, it can be said that konjac since ancient times is a good food and medicine ingredients, very health value.

Konjac has a long history of consumption, but thousands of years, but did not form a system of utilization, most people are not clear about the value of the use of konjac, until the Hethsti konjac came out of nowhere. Ltd. invested heavily in the konjac industry, based on resources, focusing on technology-driven, set konjac cultivation, technology research and development, product sales as one, becoming the only national leading enterprises in the konjac industry.

Regular meal replacement series, such as konjac noodles, konjac rice, these konjac products, 0 sugar 0 fat 0 preservatives, and very low calorie to konjac noodles, for example, a bag of calories only 6 calories, about one fiftieth of a bowl of rice, and simple to eat, water directly after two rinses can be eaten directly, and a strong sense of satiety, breaking the traditional meal replacement.

With konjac health and other characteristics are gradually known, konjac products are gradually enriching the diet structure of consumers, small konjac can also pry the health industry, become a healthy diet track and a good project.