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Konjac Rice Lights Up New Possibilities For Food Therapy

2022-12-26 Page view : 76 views

Hethsti konjac rice is made of konjac flour as the main ingredient, using a modern restructuring process, is rich in soluble dietary fiber synthetic rice. Konjac rice is round and full, crystal-like jade, the appearance of rice, smelling fresh, eaten more Q pop soft.

The unique high fiber, high satiety, low GI characteristics of the West University konjac rice is ordinary rice can not be compared. Therefore, Xida konjac is the ideal healthy staple food for people with diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood fat.

Hethsti konjac rice brings new possibilities for diabetics and overweight people, using the niche konjac to pry the public’s healthy eating habits.

Hethsti konjac rice not only retains the original flavor of rice, but also easy to steam, wet rice can be eaten directly, dry konjac rice in the microwave oven for 3 to 4 minutes to eat, convenient and quick, in a silent change in the diabetic and obese people’s eating habits, not only to enjoy healthy and delicious, but also do not bear the pain brought about by changes in eating habits, so that they can be more sugar control and weight loss on the road The road to sugar control and weight loss can be more stable and easy.

At present, SENTAI konjac is actively laying out the konjac rice industry chain, to promote the konjac rice to more diabetic and obese patients, to bring them a new possibility of food therapy.