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Weight Loss Eating Konjac, How To Eat During Weight Loss To Be Effective?

2023-01-31 Page view : 109 views

Meal replacement foods that are very filling and low in calories have entered the vision of dieters, especially since the taste and texture of these foods are not bad, and compared to traditional high-calorie, high-fat foods, quickly occupy a large part of the market. Among them, konjac meal replacement food, I believe we are not unfamiliar.

People who have eaten konjac may feel that its texture is a bit like vermicelli, but its raw material is not starch, but a plant tuber, konjac is rich in dietary fiber, low calorie and unique taste.

The calorie content of konjac itself is really low, it is said that each 100 grams of konjac calories only 11 calories, and because of its water content of more than 95%, which there is a nutrient called grape mannose, water absorption will quickly expand, can reach the original volume of 30 to 100 times, so the konjac satiety is very strong, neither let you eat more, nor let you grow meat. In addition, the dietary fiber in konjac can also enhance intestinal motility, promote digestion and defecation, relieve constipation.

However, although from the point of view of weight loss and sugar control, konjac is indeed very good, but it is because the main components of konjac is water and konjac polysaccharide, protein, vitamins and various trace elements and minerals almost nothing, so even though it can provide a strong sense of satiety, but does not allow us to get enough energy and nutrition. Therefore, eating only konjac during weight loss is certainly not, over time, not only easy to cause malnutrition, but also very easy to make weight loss rebound.

So, people who need to lose weight, if you originally eat more, easily hungry, it is really difficult to control the mouth at first, then you can control the amount of food at the same time, when hungry with konjac and other meal replacement food transition, a strong sense of satiety and carry hunger, better than eating snacks or increase the amount of meals. If you have a fitness habit, you can also eat some konjac before and after the gym to fill your hunger, to avoid starving exercise or exercise after no energy supplement.