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What Is Konjac? How Much Do You Know About Konjac Products?

2022-11-30 Page view : 88 views

Konjac, formerly known as konjac, is a perennial herb. In China as early as 3,000 years ago, there are already records of planting. Konjac is cold and mild in nature, and can be used as a medicine to reduce swelling and remove toxins. Growing in sparse forests, forest margins, wetlands next to streams and valleys or cultivated.

Konjac whole plant is toxic, mainly consume its tubers, not raw, need to be processed before eating. The reason for this is that it contains toxic substances such as alkaloids and ceramides that can cause edema in the mouth and throat, so don’t try it.

Konjac is popular because it is rich in dietary fiber, water-soluble dietary fiber-based, almost no fat, low calorie, in addition to rich in vitamins and various minerals, very high nutritional value. With an extremely strong sense of satiety, is now the product of choice for many friends dieting and weight loss.

When it comes to konjac food, we have to mention a country – Japan, Japan is a major consumer of konjac, in the 5th century AD, konjac was introduced to Japan has been very popular among the Japanese. Almost every household loves to eat konjac, and some schools even require students to have konjac food in their meals. Therefore, many people also mistakenly believe that the origin of konjac is Japan.

Konjac can be found everywhere in Japanese food, the most common in China should be the konjac knot in the Kanto cook.

The secret of Japanese konjac delicious is two things, one is the habit of blanching before cooking, not only to keep the konjac not old, but also to retain the nutrition of the konjac; the second is heating and repeated cooking, the flavor of the sauce is fully absorbed into the gaps in the konjac, the flavor is more adequate.

Japanese konjac varieties are very rich, such as konjac vermicelli, sashimi konjac, slab konjac, konjac dice, konjac dumplings, bump konjac, konjac rice cake, etc.. Sashimi konjac can be used in place of sashimi, plate konjac can be used to make desserts, konjac grain can be used in various drinks, konjac rice cake for the elderly, solving the problem of traditional rice cake is too sticky for the elderly to swallow.