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Why Is Konjac Suitable For Eating During Weight Loss?

2022-11-25 Page view : 63 views

Konjac, a perennial herb, konjac contains glucomannan, which expands up to 80-100 times, indicating that konjac is rich in dietary fiber, a popular dietary fiber for weight loss people. It can promote intestinal peristalsis, intestinal edema, increase satiety and prevent constipation. Therefore, after the research of professional nutrition staff and mature processing technology, we have introduced konjac noodles, konjac flour, konjac rice and konjac snacks.

When we make a diet meal, we can replace the main meal with konjac noodles and mix it with our favorite sauce. Also, to accommodate some people who like the taste of rice, we cut the konjac noodles into small pieces similar to white rice. It is an ideal substitute for rice in keto and low-carb diets. When cooking fried rice, konjac rice is more delicate than regular rice. It takes only 3 minutes! Simple and easy to cook. Enjoy your favorite sauce. Better than rice, pasta, organic konjac noodles, our high quality konjac rice will always satisfy your craving for a delicious meal.

Hethstia offers konjac healthy food, convenient, vegetarian, natural zero calorie food perfect for people suffering from various food intolerances, and anyone who wants to lose weight healthily.